"If a boat yard like the north German "Sirius-Werft" is going to launch a new sailing yacht, you can be confident that she will be extraordinary." (Segler-Zeitung)

We proved this to be impressively right when we launched our new line in 2010, starting with the Sirius 35 DS, after an intensive five-year development programme of preparation, consultation with naval architects and our own in-house team, and after making a large survey of our customers. Supported by more than 40 years of experience and tradition, we took our unique concept of deck saloon yachts to a new level of evolution and were able to stun the whole market:

"Is this the best boat ever built?" "Perfection in 35 feet. ...most impressive cruiser we´ve ever tested." "I am convinced that I have met the perfect cruiser. of the most painstakingly designed and built semi-custom yachts in the world." "The deck saloon principle knows no better exponent." "It´s the highest score we´ve ever awarded, by some distance, and it reflects the wealth of ideas, craftsmanship and pride built into this extraordinary yacht .... As a custom-built, luxury cruising yacht, you´d struggle to match her. 93 out of 100 Points!"

The yachting press marvelled about our 35 foot model:

"... 5-star ambience." "... a miracle of space." "The central cabin: if I could give 11/10 scores, I would." "The most salubrious heads we´ve ever seen - looks like it belongs in the "The Ritz". individual and exiting as a mega yacht."

I hope they have superlatives left for what is coming now: 5 years later, and after the two new, equally successful, designs, we are going to launch our new flagship - the Sirius 40 DS.