Starting the year with the new Sirius 40 DS

Dear Sirius friends,

We send you ‘all the best’ for the New Year. May good luck, health and wonderful times accompany you, and not only on the water. I hope you too were able to find rest and peace during the Christmas period, and you could start the New Year with fresh energy.
For me as well there was the chance to ease down a bit and review all the positive hours and experiences of the past year.
It is a Sirius tradition to give you a report of the past season and forthcoming news of developments that are going to affect the boatyard in the coming year.
For my crew and myself, it has been an excellent and trend-setting year, and we are looking ahead positively!
The main reason for this, is, definitely, the “full steam ahead” development of our flagship project – the new Sirius 40 DS – …but I will come later to that exciting topic.

Our fantastic summer here last year in the north nearly made us forget that the sailing season in the Baltic Sea was much delayed by the little “ice age” in spring.
Nobody had foreseen that kind of cold weather in March and April. The large number of boats produced in the winter, which we had already launch at the Ancora Marina in Neustadt in the warm February climate, were deep-frozen and hidden under snow shortly afterwards for weeks.

At the same time, on the far side of the world at the “Japan International Boat Show” in Yokohama, the Sirius 35 DS “Lung ta” was presented to the Asian market in summer temperatures.
In contrast to a specially designed sister ship where the deck and hull were raised by 50 mm for an owner with a height of 2 m, the “Lung ta” has been ergonomically designed for long distance sailing (and is actually circumnavigating Japan) by the two owners, whose height is 1.65 m. In addition, for the first time in the history of our yard, we changed all doors to sliding doors – not made of paper, of course 😉

In February, at our yard in Plön, we made an important improvement to the production process. After more than 40 years of making all the glass fibre reinforced decks and hulls in-house, we entrusted the high-tech company – to many of you known as ex “Dehler”- with the production of our 310 DS shells.
Trust me, it was not an easy decision to make, but if we want to make more customers happy, it is necessary to concentrate on our core competences – which is for sure our high class, custom-made interiors and the technical implementation of our concept of deck saloon boats.
After extensive research we concluded that the production of the shells is one of the little things we found even much easier to build in a larger and technically more advanced environment. Since September – after a very positive trial period – we decided to outsource all our glass fibre production. Naturally the production is under the control of our staff and is guided by and subject to the Quality Management tools we have developed over the years. The results are incredible and it has started a frequent technology transfer between the companies.
Consequently our craftsmen (and -women) can focus even more on their skills and passion. We were able to increase our annual production in 2013 by an additional two Sirius yachts. Additionally, we could again operate at a production level of 115% … in times when the industry average is around 50%. In this excellent year, yachts have been sold to Switzerland, England, Belgium, Canary Islands, Luxemburg and of course to Germany.

I would like to thank you once again for your faithfulness, support and pleasant company throughout 2013, and for the part you have played in our success. It is the exchange of thoughts and ideas, and all the cooperation with you, which refines the ideas in our yachts and strengthens our overall position in the market. It is the friendship, the passion and the valuable meetings, which constantly motivates my team and me to try to make things just a little bit better each time.
With all these developments and with your goodwill filling our sails, it was quite easy to bring Sirius into the final phase of our latest project…

The magazines have already written:
“If a boat yard like the north German “Sirius-Werft” is going to launch a new sailing yacht, you can be confident that she will be extraordinary.” (Segler-Zeitung)
…after the worldwide success of the “… most impressive cruiser yachts, we ever tested” (“Yachting Monthly” to the Sirius 35 DS)
…and: “… so individual and exciting as a mega yacht” (“Yacht” on the 35 DS)
Mind out 35 DS – here comes the flagship Sirius 40 DS !

Everyone who has already been on board a Sirius 310 DS or a 35 DS knows that our unique saloon concept makes a double use of the space at the widest part of the hull, over a length of 3.5 metres. This design increases the amount of space so much that the accommodation is like that found on a 6 foot longer yacht.
As a result, the 35 DS already satisfies most of the demands for customers looking to upgrade space wise from their 37 to 38 footer to a 41 or 42 foot yacht. For those who have not experienced the stunning roomy felling of our Sirius concept, the Sirius 35 DS was often not really considered in the decision-making process. The 40 might change this focus as well a bit.
In its class, our new Sirius 40 DS is going to set a new benchmark in offering noticeable luxury space.
Because all the boat tests are already praising the huge luxurious interior of the 35 DS, the new Sirius 40 DS – five feet longer and 60 cm wider – will feel quite like a “palace” compared to the sister ship. Even now for the “little” 310 DS we are offering 14 different interior designs so you can imagine what kind of possibilities we have with 40 feet. She will be a real semi-custom boat built to the requirements of the owner.

Besides the significantly bigger saloon area, the main attributes of the 40 DS will be:
• two similarly sized luxury cabins each with WC’s and separate usable showers
• a larger protected cockpit – 50 cm longer and 30 cm wider than our 35 DS
• 117 m² Sail area – sail capacity quotient of 4.8 including the genoa – making a feast for the eyes under sail

An additional unique feature in its class is the large folding bathing platform which opens the whole cockpit and saloon to the sea. When the platform has been raised you will find that it contains a secure door for safe mooring and easy stepping to shore. Together with “Jefa’s” pivoting steering, you have a straight and even path from the jetty through the cockpit to the saloon, enhancing the quality of life when in harbour or anchored.
The 3D construction work is finalised and the moulds are already in production. Production will start in May 2014. In January 2015 she will be presented for the first time officially on a boat show in Düsseldorf. But be the first to discover the versatility of this stunning yacht! On our website we frequently publish pictures and news of the construction process. We also hope to welcome you on a tour through our boatyard in Plön to show you the first yachts under construction.

For the first block of the 40-footer-series four yachts have delivery dates planned for the spring and summer of 2015.
I am a little bit surprised that we have already orders from Spain and nearly finalised ones from England and Turkey but not yet from the Baltic Sea.
That might be because of the attendance at the trade show in Southampton last autumn. I won’t complain but I also hope that some Germans will hurry up that we will soon be able to show the Sirius 40 DS in local waters as well 😉
Maybe we should blame ourselves, because at the previous boat show we had already distributed an early version of the leaflet we enclosed to your mail in a newer version now.
I want to use this opportunity to apologise to all of you who answered our questions which arose from discussions, from our flyer and from our website, as well as everyone who has followed our current developments over the past year. Unfortunately we had not the capacity to answer all the hundreds of e-mails and thank you for your helpful participation – I hope you will forgive me for that. I am sure that you will find your suggestions somewhere in the new development.
Now that all 3D-constructional work is done, leaflets printed, calculations start to finalise, mouldings nearly ready, and production is about to begin and thus we have “real stuff” to talk about I promise to reply to your ideas and demands for information as quickly as before.
You can probably imagine that work on another level is just about to begin. Besides the further development of the interior in 3D, we have to optimise our production plant and have therefore to extent another hall before actually starting to build the new Sirius 40 DS.
After the yard’s expansion into the newly acquired neighbouring building a few years back, we finished new offices for planning, administration and technics, as well as new storage rooms. The year before last we finished our tea room and currently we are redesigning our main offices. With the intention of not delaying the production of the smaller yachts, the Sirius 40 DS is going to be built in parallel, which will be accompanied by redesigning the production facility during the next couple of years. Because we like to reach our goals carefully and with the best quality possible, there still will be a little shortage of building slots for the smaller boats in 2015. But at present we have still 3 to 4 slots each for the season 2015/ Winter 2014 available and even have one slot left for summer 2014 (through a just received customer’s request for a later slot).
You see, we have still much to do. The creativity within this process and our success so far allow us to move steadily forward. This means that we also need personal freedom to think. Therefore we could use some support in the area of control and in management. Maybe you know somebody in your circle of friends with the right CV and with the right attitude for a challenging job?
Our customers also have the right kind of creativity in designing their yachts. Last year we again built some long distance cruisers. Each boat was quite different and included: “all over cockpit”-biminis, equipment racks with radar and satellite communications, special flexible solutions for carrying an inflatable boat at sea and in harbour, wind generators and a very special interior design for a 35-foot swing keel version, which we going to build for another customer again this year.

The focus for the next season is again on variable draught and the modern twin-keeler, giving boats with less draught but proven similar sailing characteristics, even on a close reach. Another advantage is that they can dry out safely, making them our best-selling keel version.
Last May I delivered a Sirius 35 DS twin-keel-version from the Baltic Sea to England and I experienced the purest natural life. Blessed with a double tide and sunny, but “freezing” May weather, we enjoyed drying out behind the East Frisian Islands nearly twice a day for a whole week. Anyone who likes anchorages in general should experience this as well: complete quiet, standing on the sandbanks, watching seals and seabirds hunt in the tideways and later relaxing in the sun. Extensive walks, enjoying freshly harvested oysters sitting in the deck salon – incredible!

As many as 6 owners who will be launching in the coming spring have decided to choose a keel version to do this adventure. Now I have a clear idea why.
In any case, I cannot wait for the next sailing season 😉
Please feel free to visit our boat yard and have a look at the various interior solutions we are currently building.
Surely I will welcome many of you during the “boot” show in Duesseldorf, which starts already next weekend. Please feel welcome on our 35 DS “Albia” which is designed for long distance sailing.
You will find us from the 18 January until 26 January 2014, as usual, on our stand C21 in hall 16. You can reach me during that time on my mobile: 0049 173 6538 721.
We wish you furthermore a good start in a healthy, successful and happy new year 2014!

All the best

The team of the Sirius-Werft &
Yours Torsten Schmidt

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