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The Sirius boatyard was established in 1971 in Plön, in the heart of Schleswig-Holstein. About 60 dedicated boat builders, carpenters and technicians make 14 to 16 deck-saloon yachts annually, each yacht specifically tailored to the needs of her owner. Although the company is small, its long history, its outstanding designs and its aim of always working to the highest standards have made Sirius into a synonym for quality within the yachting industry.
In 1988 began the development of the Sirius deck saloon yachts based initially on the rig and hull of their well-known fast sailing yacht, the Sirius 31.
House designer Marc-Oliver von Ahlen, in close teamwork with yard owner Torsten Schmidt and with extensive feedback from many dedicated Sirius customers, worked on the design specifications and development to produce a definite design concept that combines the fun of sailing with remarkably comfortable, spacious boats.
The since 1995 from boat-building master Torsten Schmidt, son of the company founder, has led his happy crew of craftsmen that make every Sirius a multifaceted and as unique as the fingerprint of the owner.
Because of the intimate nature of our boats and their build process, we spend a lot of time working with our owners, exchanging experience during the numerous visits we encourage all owners to make during the 4 to 6 months building phase. The owner is a direct influence on individual design, equipment and fit-out of their boat, so they get the very best deck saloon yacht.
The motivation of the Sirius team comes from the ideas and experience that go into a boat, the enjoyment that you notice when they are working develops from the close contact, the exchange of ideas between the owners, designers, and the craftsmen.
With 5 apprentices joining our yard each year we get fresh ideas and new motivation.
This continuous of quality improvement, customer loyalty, employee motivation and personal dedication, is the main reason the Sirius shipyard is one of the remaining yards in Germany that builds small series, high quality and individual, all designed to the owners’ needs.

To see the workmanship that goes into every Sirius, please watch the tour of our yard.

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