Schooling to become a boat-builder

Some information will give you an idea of our company: We are a medium-sized company with about 60 employees, occupied almost exclusively in building new sailing yachts. At the moment, the deck saloon yachts are being manufactured in the range 31 to 40 ft. Our yachts are produced internally from start to finish, from their development, the making of the small mould, the fabrication of plastic parts, constructing the wooden interior fittings, installing the metal fittings, through to the installation of electronics and engines. The complete boat is delivered by ourselves directly to our customer, and commissioned with the owner. We produce a limited number of 14 to 16 ships a year, and though they resemble each other, they are seldom alike, because, whenever possible, we endeavour to fulfil all the wishes of each individual customer. About every five years a new development is added. We rarely accept orders regarding repairs, maintenance and refitting work in the winter.

The spectrum of training as a boat-builder is wide and complex. Our company offers the best apprenticeship possible in the field of modern boat building, especially where wood and plastic are concerned, in close collaboration with the vocational school for boat-builders in Travemünde pushed, of course, by your personal motivation. In the recent years we have required an obligatory hands-on training of one week as a precondition for an apprenticeship place in our company, both for our information and for the information of the applicant. In the course of this training we try to lead you through all our departments and, if possible, you will accompany every single employee to obtain an all-embracing insight into the company. The company’s expenses for the hands-on training are free of charge, but we do not bear any costs for travel, accommodation, clothing etc.

If you are interested, or you have any questions, or you want to arrange an appointment, then please contact Mrs Ulrike Schmidt per telephone on +49 45 22 / 744 610 or by email

You will need for the training:
– clothing which may get dirty
– shoes which aresecure by step S1P, ideally with pale, soft soles
– and good humour!

We work
Monday to Thursday from 7am to 15:45pm and
Friday from 7am to 12:15pm.

In case you need accommodation, we have on one side, 20 metres away, the Youth Hostel, phone: +494522/2576, and 50 metres in the other direction is the camp site “Spitzenort”, Phone: +494522/2769.
Or next to us is the private house of Mrs Bünning, phone: +494522/2446.
Alternatively there is the possibility to park a caravan or a camper directly in our grounds.

So that you will find us easily, here are the directions:
If you arrive from the south, the best way to get to Plön is via the motorway A 1, by-passing Hamburg and turning onto the A 21, that is the former B 404 to Bornhöved. From there Plön is sign-posted. Shortly before Plön you pass through a village called Ascheberg. After this village you cross rail tracks twice and then go over a hill. At the bottom of the hill turn to your right at a signpost leading to the youth hostel and the sailing school. Now you are driving directly onto our yard. If you cross the rail track a third time, you have gone past the Sirius shipyard.

Yours, Torsten Schmidt

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