Seevilla (Sirius 32DS)

The Seevilla is a beautiful and very extensively equipped Sirius 32DS For Two.
Due to the special layout, it has a very large foredeck cabin and an extra large bathroom as well as a large technical room under the seating area.
With a year of construction from 2008, it is one of the last Sirius 32DS to be built, so it has the higher body shape with 10cm more standing height and smooth fronts of the drawers and cupboards.
In addition, the “Seevilla” is a special construction in the salon area; it has no inside steering position but instead an extra long pantry with more sideboard.

The Seevilla is located on the Baltic Sea coast and has made many beautiful trips on the Baltic Sea.
At the moment it is in a shipyard to repaint the superstructure (deckhouse) at higher temperatures.
Therefore, there are still no current pictures of the interior, and visits will probably only be possible in May.
Current interior photos can then also be delivered.

Sirius 32 DS For Two
Name: Seevilla
Built in 2008
Price 185.000€

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