You have the choice
Every Sirius is built to the specific requirements of the owners, so that their ideas about the design and equipment can be fully incorporated. This close cooperation and our accumulated experience have led, in recent years, to some interesting lay-outs and variations in equipment. In turn, many of these ideas have been adopted into the further development of our boats, or they  have become available as interesting possibilities for others. In our experience, every customer is someone special and has different demands regarding the sail configuration, draft, potential singlehanded sailing, family comfort, equipment and feeling for colours. As a result, no yacht that leaves our yard is exactly like any other one. You have the choice, according to your sailing area, between six different drafts, wheel or tiller steering, and different mast and sail configurations. You may also choose between many exciting and sometimes surprising interior versions, with a wide range of upholstery and floor designs.
Our concept is to use the greatest width of the boat twice, by using it at two levels, the higher level for the saloon and the lower for the main cabin or for a technical room. Headroom of more than 1.90 metres in the living areas, large bed sizes and massive storage areas create a roomy feeling that compares very easily to yachts six feet longer. The aft part of the boat is not laid out as a cabin, which is often limited in height by the cockpit and anyway can give sleepless nights when waves slap under the transom. Instead the stern is used as storage space.
The saloon, galley and  navigation area are always similar, apart from the choice between the interior command position or separate chart table. However, we have two main design variants in the lower area. In the 4-berth versions, up to six crew members can be accommodated in three separate cabins, two on the double bed made by lowering the saloon table. The for 2 versions are designed primarily for two people, whose occasional guests can be accommodated in the saloon.  This is a popular option for customers who are used to much larger boats, as it gives space for a luxuriously large forecabin and heads. It also creates a voluminous workroom for any special technology that is required, such as a swing keel, a generator, air conditioning…. Heavy installations such as the
batteries, holding tank and hot water tank can be located centrally in the boat, and of course the technical room gives yet more very useable storage space.
In the following pictures of the many interior design variants that have already been realised and that can, in part, be combined.


310_4_Kojen_Standard 310_4_Kojen_Dusche 310_4_Kojen_Komfort 310_4_Kojen_versetzt 310_4_Kojen_Navigationstisch


310_3_Kojen_Bibliothek 310_3_Kojen_Technikraum


310_for2_Standard 310_for2_Komfort 310_for2_Dusche 310_for2_Komfortdusche 310_for2_versetzt

310_for2_Office 310_for2_Mitteleinstieg 310_for2_Gstekojen 310_for2_Hundekoje

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