Living space – lifetime dreams
Quality of live on board a sailing yacht today demands next to a high standard of safety and comfort, a spacious and airy feel with plenty of light and visibility. A clean and fresh design, clever use of storage, headroom of 1.95m or more and other useful details are balancing life style and functionality. In terms of use of space and feeling of luxury the Sirius 40 DS has become a class of its own.
Because of the double use of space with the saloon, galley and navigation area in the raised position and the mid ship cabin, the workshop and the deep storage spaces in the galley below there is more room available than you would expect to find on any 47 foot yacht.

Individual design solutions
With our 31 foot model we already offer more than 14 different interior designs, so you can imagine how many possibilities we have with the 40 foot model. It is a pure semi-custom boat, designed according to your individual wishes. So far, there have been requests for more than 8 different designs, from 2 + 2 to 6 + 2 berths as well as a version with a separate additional lounge in the lower level or an extra office room. The saloon can be converted into an additional double berth by the optional lowering saloon table.
The drawings shown here can be rearranged with their bed shapes and floor plans, almost at will. But also completely different designs are conceivable. Feel free to contact us! Our boatyard internal design team is looking forward to bring your ideas to life. During the development of the boat, in order to offer more design flexibility, we created the seating area in the saloon with a large shelf to the front saloon windows in order to be able to move the settee forward for different layouts. In the first 3 layouts this space caters for the headroom of the underlying mid ship cabin and leads to the luxurious space and headroom. In the two versions shown here at the far right is a slightly shortened sitting area installed further forward in the boat. This produces space for a comfortable entrance on port between the companionway and the settee, via a door and a sliding hatch, to an aft cabin. The workshop is then accessed through a door directly from this cabin.
If you prefer a swing keel version, the last two versions are perfect. In the area of the saloon, navigation and galley you don’t lose any space with the swing keel version. Just in the mid ships area below the mast it is necessary to make room for the swing keel box which is an integral laminated part of the hull. By comparison with nearly all other designs on the market, this is a “real” swing keel, moving all of the ballast up and down in the centreboard. This is a very reliable and safe, yet complex technology.
If your focus is not particularly on reducing your draft to an absolute minimum and you are more interested in drying out, we would recommend our famous twin keel version. Without the need to maintain complex technology and without any compromises in the interior, the sailing performance and tacking angles are the same as on our fixed keel yachts – as many tests have confirmed.

The 4 cabin version
With the luxury suite in the forecabin and en-suite bathroom, and the amazing mid ship cabin under the saloon with its adjoining shower & toilet, it is the perfect combination for 4 people. The galley is longer and the navigation area is further to the rear than in other versions. Behind the “captain chair” is a huge oilskin locker and another locker accessible from above.



The 6 cabin version
accomplishes the feat of providing two luxurious double cabins and a comfortable aft cabin in a 12 meter yacht, without compromising the saloon to achieve it. Because of typical sea water sounds and limitations of a deep cockpit at the stern, our main emphasis had been on the design of the front and mid ship cabins. So even we were surprised at how generous, bright and comfortable, the diagonally mounted aft cabin has succeeded. With the comfortable headboard it forms a cosy “chill-out” area, from which one can comfortably read or watch TV or have a direct look into the stars above.



for2+2 version with luxury front cabin


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