Sirius 32 DS

In 1995 the first Sirius 32 DS left the shipyard halls and the built number 100, and last built yacht of this model series, followed in 2011.
This is a much-loved and admired predecessor of the Sirius 310 DS was characterized not only by an excellent sailing, but also by their  in total 14 different interior versions.
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The english owners of “Moondog” are discovering the Baltic on her maiden voyager home to Scotland.
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“Moondog” has proven to be a a very comfortable, seaworthy and pretty little ship, and attracts attention wherever we go. I had beenconcerned that the comfort of the deck saloon style would be paid for in a poor sailing performance, but this has proven not to be the case. “Moondog” sails very well, and can punch through heavy weather easily. She is no racer, but is a fine and safe cruiser with a feeling of internal space that belies her 32 foot length…. it takes a few weeks to discover all the storage compartments on board!
Thanks of course to the Sirius yard for building her, and providing an excellent service throughout the process!

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