Every Sirius sailboat is unique – just like every Sirius customer.

You may be an experienced sailor with tens of thousands of sea-miles in your log – or you might be a beginner. You might have a passion for single-handed adventure, or your perfect day might be with family and friends. Whatever the case, it’s our job to make sure your new Sirius is as special as you are.

To us, you are more than a customer and we hope to be more than just the company that build your next boat. Our boats have full-custom interiors, no two yachts are the same. We will work with you through hundreds of design decisions, capturing your ideas about the kind of boat you want and the kind of sailing you will do. We want to be your partner.

We will bring the best of what we know – our experience of nearly half a century of building deck-saloon yachts, and the experiences of more than 650 satisfied owners who have gone before you. We will talk about everything from rig configuration and the type of sail-cloth to the position of reading lights in your chosen master-cabin. We even custom-design the galley drawers to match your chosen cookware.

And once we are finished production will begin.

During the build phase, which lasts between four and six months, our partnership will continue. Most owners visit our yard several times to see at first-hand the care and attention to detail that makes every Sirius special. We will also be in regular communication by email, with updates and pictures showing the progress being made on your yacht. When you visit you can bring your cutlery, crockery and glassware so we can tailor-make its storage. Everything you bring in advance is kept in your own dedicated storage space – set aside for just you and your boat.

You will get to know our team – and they will get to know you. That turns something that might have been routine into something personal, something special. They are no longer just building hull number 32, they are building your boat, for you. Our yachts don’t look like others and the way we build our boats and the service we deliver is as unique as our yachts.


Our Range


Sirius 310DS

Sirius 310DSLOA 9.30 m
LWL 8.55 m
Beam (Max) 3.38 m
Beam waterline 3.00 m

Draught 1.80 m
– optional 1.75 / 1.35 / 1.15 m
Twin keel (optional) 1.25 m
Swing keel (optional) 0.75 – 2.00 m


Sirius 35DS

Sirius 35DS

LOA 10.60m
LWL 9.70m
Beam (Max) 3.48m
Beam waterline 3.15m

Draught 1.98m – optional 1.90m / 1.60m / 1.35m
Twin keel (optional) 1.55 / 1.30m
Swing keel (optional) 0.85 – 2.10m



Sirius 40DS

Sirius 40DS

LOA up to 12.90 m
LWL 11.17 m
Beam Max 4.08 m
Beam Hull 4.00 m

Draught 2.30 m – optional 2.00 m / 1.75 m
Twin keel (optional) 1.45 m
Swing keel (optional) 0.95-2.45 m


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