There are also plenty of variants in the keels. Take the opportunity to equip your boat also with sail characteristics of your choice and suitable for your preferred sailing area.
There are up to four different fixed keel variants available. We offer the performance orientated deep keel with lead bomb, the low cost standard solution made out of cast steel or you can choose one of the shallow keels.
Our twin-keel design has been optimised according to the latest hydrodynamic research, and comparison tests have shown that there is little or no loss in performance compared to the standard fin keel. The twin-keels are ideal if you wish to fall dry.
Alternatively, considerable flexibility is provided by our unique swing-keel. Instead of a half skeg and centre-line rudder, this version has double rudders. The design restricts certain interior options, but it offers high security and excellent performance, having an electro-hydraulic moving keel that carries the full ballast.

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